Instructions - Reserve a Keelboat

Members who are signed off on a keelboat and have paid the keelboat fee can reserve a vessel through Google Calendar and shared calendar resources by logging into their RSC Google account and following the instructions below. If you work in an office environment this process is similar to reserving a conference room.

The Keelboat Calendar on the RSC website shows when a specific keelboat is reserved and available. This reservation process will help with planning and avoid double-booking. Calendar details are visible only to keelboat members who are logged in and only keelboat users who are logged in can reserve a keelboat. Reserving a keelboat requires the following steps:

One-Time Setup

  1. Log in to your RSC Google Account: Log into Google using your (<userid> email address and password.

  2. Go to Google Calendar: Click on the 9 dots in the upper right-hand corner and select the calendar

  3. Add the Keelboat Resources to Your Google Calendar: Follow the steps below to add whichever keelboat you are signed off on (e.g., Ranger 24 and/or Catalina 27), to your calendar.

a. Click the down arrow next to “Other calendars” (left side of the page) and select “Browse Interesting Calendars”
b. Click the “More” tab
c. Select “Resources for”
d. Select “Subscribe” next to “Catalina 27” and/or “Ranger 24”
e. Select “Back to Calendar.”
f. Confirm that the Catalina 27 and/or Ranger 24 resources now appear on your “Other calendars” list on the left side of the page. 

You can now use your Google Calendar to reserve a keelboat following the directions below

Check Availability

Use the Keelboat Calendar on the RSC website to check if the keelboat you want is available when you want to use it.

Reserve a Keelboat

In the steps below you will create an event on your calendar and and reserve the desired keelboat as a resource: 

  1. Sign in to your RSC Google account.

  2. Navigate to your Google calendar.

  3. Create an event on your calendar: Click the red ‘Create’ button. Name the event with your last name (e.g., ‘Smith Sail’).  Select the start and end date and time.

a. On the right side of the screen click Rooms Note: If you don't see “Rooms”it is possible that you are not listed as a paid keelboat user, have not logged in to your RSC Google account correctly, or are not positioned on the calendar for your club account.
b. Click “Add” next to the keelboat you want to reserve. The keelboat will be added to the “Where” section in the “Event details” tab, and to the “Participants” list in the “Find a time” tab. It is also listed in the “Guests” list.
c. Click ‘Save’

Note:  If you are reserving a keelboat all day for multiple days, set the starting date/time and the ending date/time OR set the start date and click the “All day” box and then set the event to recur for as many consecutive days as you are reserving the keelboat. For a multi-day reservation do not specify the start date and the end date and "All Day."

Verify the Reservation

Navigate to the Keelboat Calendar on the RSC website and verify that your new reservation appears there. The reservation should be blocked out on the calendar and you should be able to see the details of the event. If you reserved multiple days, please verify the reservation has been made for each day.

Helpful Links

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If you have any questions, contact