Mike Hamilton.jpgI have always loved the ocean and water in general. Ten years ago, I walked onto the RSC dock and told the Dockmaster that I wanted to learn how to sail. I fell in love with it and became active in the Center, first as a Red Cross Basic Sailing Instructor, and then Vice President, President, and now US Sailing Small Boat and US Sailing Basic Keelboat instructor. 
Additionally, I have taken a number of courses in seamanship and recently received my U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s license.
I own a J24 racing sloop and placed 2nd overall in the 2015 Kirkland Summer Sailing Series. I look forward to helping you discover the fun of sailing.

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As a kid, I remember going sailing with some family friends and taking the Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge at Scout camp on a Sunfish.  I was inspired to learn more after sailing with friends on Lake Union and Puget Sound and decided to sign up for a sailing course with my wife.  Ever since, I have been sailing whenever I can, sharing sailing with friends and family, cruising, racing, and taking additional training.
In 2015, I completed my US Sailing Small Boat Sailing Instructor training and have enjoyed teaching ever since.  I am currently RSC’s Director of Education.  I look forward to helping you discover the fun of sailing.  
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I look forward to helping you discover the exciting world of sailing!

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I started sailing 5 years ago by taking a sailing class through the Renton Sailing Center; however, being on the water has always been in my blood.  Sailing brings me great pleasure.  So much so that I purchased a 45-foot sailboat this year to someday take me on a grand adventure.  I work at Boeing as a project manager.  I am also the RSC Vice President and a participant of the Women’s Sailing Group.   I became a US Sailing Small Boat Sailing Instructor in 2015 and look forward to helping you discover the fun of sailing.

If you have any questions about the course feel free to contact me below.

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I grew up in a sailing family racing, cruising, and building boats on Lake Washington and Puget Sound. I enjoy teaching others to sail. Sailing is a great way to enjoy what is plentiful in the great northwest—water!


Worked in marine industries, hold Coast Guard Captain’s License, US Sailing Small Boat and Keelboat Instructor.

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I grew up with boats on a small lake in Michigan but started serious sailing in my early twenties working as crew on cruising sailboats.  I was quickly hooked and spent several years building and sailing boats all over the world.  I have about 25,000 miles of blue water cruising in some amazing places such as the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and Mediterranean.

I have completed the US Sailing Small Boat Sailing Instructor course and am ready to get you started on your sailing adventure.  If you are considering a class, consider no longer – just do it!  You will be glad you did.

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